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We make authentic Neapolitan sourdough pizzas using only the best ingredients and traditional methods for making the dough. Think fast food? Think again, it takes 3 days in total just to make the dough, but don’t worry in contrast only about 90 seconds to cook in our custom built wood oven. The scorching hot oven creates that famous charred base and puffy crust or ‘cornicione’ as they call it in Naples.


It was an obsession with Italian food and more specifically pizza that lead chef and owner Lucy on a quest to Naples to learn all about pizza. It was there, in a family-run, traditional Italian cooking school, that she learnt everything about Naples pizza from how to make the dough, crush the tomatoes by hand and master the wood oven.


Just like in the pizzerias or roadside stalls of Naples, the tomatoes we use for our pizza are San Marzano and crushed by hand to stop the seeds turning the sauce bitter. San Marzano plum tomatoes have a rich sweet flavour and are less acidic than other varieties making them perfect for pizza.


We use caputo flour imported from Naples. It produces soft, flavourful dough and is ideal for the long, slow rise inherent of sourdough methods. Our flour is additive free and a blend of the best wheat available on the market.


All our flavoured oils are homemade and additive free, we pride ourselves on the quality of our pizzas, and you really can tell this from the taste.


We tried hundred of cheeses and meats in order to select our toppings so are confident we have the best ingredients around. These include organic Mozzarella, Aged Parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil and local basil, vegetables and Kent chacuterrie.  In short, we really love pizza, That’s Amore!

That’s Amore! #BigPizzaPie

Authentic Naples Style Pizza

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